Q1 - Have the people in the images in this site signed a Release of Image document?
A1 - Yes. In order for an image to be added to this site, each person was required to sign a release. In fact, each submitter is required to specifically release each individual image added to the site. There are no "blanket" releases for any individual.

Q2 - May we have a copy of the signed Release of Image document?
A2 - The US HAEA will not release individual patient information including, but not limited to, signed Release of Image documents. You may be assured that images submitted via the secure US HAEA Image Repository are made available only after a signed release has been received by the US HAEA from the individual providing their image. This is consistent with common practices of online image libraries.

Q3 - Is there a limit to the number of uses of an image?
A3 - When you purchase an image, it is understood to be used for a specific use for a specific project, e.g. for use in a manuscript to be submitted for publication, for use in an educational presentation or for commercial purposes including use in exhibit materials. If the image is to be utilized in more than one specific instance, a separate fee must be paid for each additional intended use.

Q4 - Will we be provided a document that authorizes permission to use the image(s) we purchase?
A4 - As images cannot be accessed without first purchasing them, we do not issue documentation of this sort. It is understood as part of the purchase transaction.

Q5 - Can an image be obtained for exclusive use?
A5 - No. The HAEA Image Repository is a service that the US HAEA has developed as part of its overall mission to support Research, Advocacy, Compassion and Empowerment. To provide an exclusive right to use an image would significantly limit the intended contribution of the individual that provided the image and of the US HAEA in reaching its stated goals.

Q6 - Do all images on the site depict actual patients with HAE?
A6 - All images on this site are donated by HAE patients. Most of the patients have been diagnosed by their physician as having HAE. We have made a notation by the images of patients in whom a confirming diagnosis has not yet been received.

Q7 - What is the preferred statement of recognition of the source of the images we purchase from the US HAEA Image Repository?
A7 - Please include the following statement proximal to any image that you have acquired from this website: Image obtained from www.haeimages.com

For any additional issues or questions not addressed on this page, please e-mail haeimages@haea.org.